Phones and Small Businesses

Often a small business may lose quite a bit of custom due to the fact that they missed important phone calls. These calls are missed because the owner believes that the business is too small to warrant a full time receptionist to answer calls and although this may be true, not having a receptionist is also costing the business. Some small business owners divert a worker’s attention by asking them to answer any phone that rings and whilst this can ensure that no calls are missed, that worker’s productivity suffers greatly as facts show that distraction due to phones is one of the main causes of lost productivity even in larger businesses. Another option of course is to use an automated answer phone but these are only partially efficient as many potential customers on hearing a robotic tone will hang up and call a rival business where they will get personal attention. All is not lost though as there is one other option which a growing number of small business owners are considering and that is the hiring of a professional answering service. Today these services are located all over the country but many will cater to anywhere in the country anyway. Once a small business owner hires one of these services, they need never worry about missing an important call again as the service will work whatever hours the business owner requests, even extending past the usual office hours if necessary. Obviously these services offer professionally trained personal to answer the phones so potential customers and customers alike will always be treated in a respectful and courteous manner, affording the business a favourable image. With the owner being assured that no call will go unanswered, they are free to pursue business outside of the office when necessary, perhaps to attend a business lunch or game of golf. Of course these services do have a fee but it will usually be far cheaper than the hiring, training and paying of a receptionist would be and the business owner does not have the problem of what to do on sick days or vacations. If a business owner requests it, texts can be sent to them whenever important calls come in so they can respond in an appropriate and swift manner, maintaining their business’s efficiency even if not in the office. To make life even easier, the answering service may offer the small business an 0800 number and has other services they can offer to improve the business’s effectiveness. Already popular with small businesses, these answering services are now being lloked at by small medical practices and even small law firms as they too need to have their phones answered in a swift and professional manner. If the popularity of these answering services continues to grow, we may all find that we no longer have to settle for a robotic voice answering a phone whenever we call any kind of business as instead, we will receive a courteous and friendly human voice.

Author: David King

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